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Giving Senior Pets A New Leash On Life!

Ray's House of Hope, Inc.

Ray's House of Hope, Inc.

Giving Senior Pets a New Leash on Life!

5315 Patricia Place, Weeki Wachee, FL  34607    ~     ~    (352) 683-7490

These are stories about the seniors at Ray's House, but we would also like to share your stories about your senior pets.  Send stories and photos to

Nicolai has had his dental surgery, and vaccines and is now fit as a fiddle!

Thank you to Dr. Rod and the staff at Animal Health Veterinary Clinic for the excellent care.

He has been now been adopted by a wonderful loving family.  Meet Papa Vince with new brother Jack with Nicolai.

vINCE, nIKKI AND jACK_edited.jpg


Max and Jordan.jpg
Jordan & Max 2.JPG

     A heartbroken family needed to re-home their beloved cat, Jordan.  Unfortunately Jordan was not a candidate for Ray's House of Hope, but that did not stop RHH from facilitating an adoption.  With the help of Facebook a dear childhood friend stepped up to see if Jordan might be just what her senior cat Max needed for a new lease on life.  Initially Jordan played hide and seek, but as you can see from the photos they are now inseparable.  We are honored to have been of service to Jordan and his families (old and new).  A true happily ever after for Max and Jordan.


Meet our newest guest...


This is Nicolai (Nikkie).  He's a bit hard of hearing and his vision is not very good, but he is as sweet as he can be and fits right in here at Ray's House.  Nikkie is our guest while his pet parent is in the hospital.  Nikkie is great with the cats and Cookie lovers the canine companionship!  


And Our Yahtzee Champion is...RAY!


     Finally!  All of our senior cats with gum disease have been successfully treated.  In the past several months Max, Peter, Georgia and Petunia were all diagnosed with stomatitis.  Stomatitis results in inflammation of the mucosal tissues of the mouth.









    There are many ways to manage a cat with stomatitis. The ideal way, in most cases, is extraction of all teeth that are associated with the inflammation. Often, this is all of the teeth in the cat’s mouth. Surprisingly, cats do very well without any teeth. Many cats without teeth can eat both dry and canned food without any problems.


“My face may be gray but my heart is pure gold   There is no shame in growing old.” – ASPCA

New stories will be added weekly. Share an interesting story about your pet.

Ray's House of Hope, Inc. is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to RHH are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. RHH's tax identification number is 85-0955643

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