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Giving Senior Pets A New Leash On Life!

Ray's House of Hope, Inc.

5315 Patricia Place, Weeki Wachee, FL  34607    ~     ~     (352) 683-7490



       I also became orphaned last year when my adopted mother passed away.  Yes, I adopted her.
         I am a very shy girl and like to spend most of my time is the cat cottage.  I wander outside for a while every day but the it's back to my creature comforts inside.  I love attention and lots of pets, but I must be approached slowly and gently or I get nervous and run to my hidie hole.  There are sever spots in the cottage that are designed for us for when we are nervous or scared.  My favorite spot is in a cubbie cabinet under the counter.  There I cuddle in my soft cozy bed until I feel secure and safe again.
 I am currently looking for a sponsor to help with my medical expenses.

Hello, my name is Jenna

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