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Giving Senior Pets A New Leash On Life!

Ray's House of Hope, Inc.

5315 Patricia Place, Weeki Wachee, FL  34607    ~     ~     (352) 683-7490

Hello, my name is Wyatt



     I am Wyatt and I am deaf.  This has not affected my quality of life however.  I sometimes nap under the outdoor furniture in the shade or often on a lounge chair in the sun.
     I am also an attention hog but I have allergies so if you are petting me you'd better duck when I sneeze.  I hold the long-range record here!
       One of my other passions is top be vacuumed  when they are cleaning in the morning.  If they are not holding the wand I will rub up against it when they put it down.  MEOW!!
 I am hoping for a sponsor.

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