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Giving Senior Pets A New Leash On Life!

Ray's House of Hope, Inc.

5315 Patricia Place, Weeki Wachee, FL  34607    ~     ~    (352) 683-7490

Hello, my name is Tiddley (has crossed the bridge)


       I am one of the original orphans who planted the seed for an senior pet welfare organization.  It took a few years, but we did it!

       I became an orphan when my dad passed away.  He really spoiled me and I did not know what to expect when relocating.  My original name was #9... dad had a lot of cats and ran out of names for us.  A friend insisted on a real name and I became Tiddley.  I like it so much better!

       As the photo shows I continue to be spoiled.  I love men, but will take pets from women as well.  I am a bit possessive of my men, but with a few hisses I begrudgingly share with the other pets here.

     I am a napper for sure.  My 2 spots are the bed or the sofa.

 I am so happy and grateful to have a sponsor.

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